P5 learning enrichment program, a success!

Every year, P6 students take a national examination. Based on the results, the Ministry of Education sends a limited number of outstanding pupils to secondary boarding schools. The national examination covers all subjects from 4th to 6th grade. The exams are given in English; a subject students are still struggling to master. Sixth grade teachers faced the difficult task of teaching content and skills that have not been sufficiently understood in the earlier grades to effectively build upon. To address this problem, REAP in partnership with Duha, started an Enriched Learning Program for students who passed P5, while waiting to start P6. Under the supervision of REAP staff Elisaphane and P5 math teacher Valens, this 6-week holiday program begin in November, and was recently completed before Christmas. The program aimed to help refocus students’ energy on mathematics and English language, while emphasizing understanding rather than breadth and coverage.

Elisaphane and Valens collaborated with Eugene, REAP’s educational coordinator, to select specific topics from P4 and P5 that directly connect with P6 subject matter. They identified the content that most commonly shows up on national examinations. Every day, students were divided into two classes. Elisaphane taught English, while Valens led math. At the end of each chapter, students were evaluated to assess their level of understanding, while gaps in knowledge were addressed on an individual level. The program has turned out more than 60 students everyday since it was launched.