REAP provides leadership training to develop exemplary schools and mobilize community members to address the needs presented in a rural setting.

Community Theater

REAP's community theatre brings parents and students together to address the community's pressing social issues. The actors use inquiry-based questions to engage the audience in critical thinking and problem solving to develop self-leadership skills.

Self-Help Groups

The Rwanda Government has spurred the formation of self-help groups to encourage community development. Each self-help group leader is represented on the community board. Parent Evening and Friends of the Family members devote themselves to resolving conflicts while Village Kitchen remedies malnutrition for children and families. By encouraging connection among these self-help groups, the level of community leadership, cooperation, and dignity rises.

Community Service

Parents and students who participate in REAP's programs partake in monthly Umuganda activities (a practice from Rwandan culture of self-help and cooperation) at the center. The activities include work on the farm, story telling, cleaning, gardening, and assisting in classroom learning activities. After Umuganda, a government official or our community organizer leads a discussion on government-initiated civic programs.


Teacher Training

Teacher training is a cornerstone of REAP’s philosophy. Recognized professionals from America, in conjunction with leading Rwandan educators, help teachers identify their instructional strengths as well as introduce them to teaching strategies in order to fully engage students as active learners. Included among these methods are:

  • Real-world experiences and the environment as vehicles for learning.
  • Active instructional strategies that transform learning from memorization and repetition to engagement and participation.
  • A template for lesson plannung that enhances teacher and student productivity.
  • Coaching, co-teaching, and demonstration lessons across subject areas.
  • The Fountas & Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention™, a researched-based literacy program from the US, incorporates leveled books as well as ongoing assessments of students' literacy progress.

Community Board

REAP, in partnership with local Rwandan government representatives, has formed a board of 12 volunteer community members and Duha School teachers. The board meets at least twice a month at the Community Learning Center and Library (CLCL) and reports to REAP and the government.

Volunteers are in charge of designing and implementing community mobilization efforts at the CLCL as well as ensuring the center's security and maintenance. The board is an invaluable leadership development opportunity that heightens capacity at a grassroots level, a model approach to community building and sustainability.