Your contribution helps to enhance, grow, and sustain REAP’s efforts.


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Sponsors a year of primary school for a child who likely lives in a small, thatch-covered home of mud and poles with dirt floors and no electricity. And walks miles to school each day; then after school, goes home to work in the fields, care for siblings, etc.


Sponsors one year of boarding school available only to a student who passes the national exam.


Sponsors all three years of a student’s boarding school experience … and ensures graduation.


Provides a meal to one school student each year. Many students have one meal a day … most likely in the evening. Thus, students come to school without having eaten breakfast and with no food for lunch.


Provides a stove and utensils for a kitchen where meals will be prepared for students and teachers.

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Brings new books to a classroom to bolster REAP’s literacy intervention program. Culturally- and age-appropriate books heighten literacy skills, English language proficiency, and a love of reading.


Provides for garden supplies for the model farm that is immersing the community in model farming techniques, generating food (especially for school meals), and building the leadership skills of students who manage the farm.


Provides AV equipment towards technology integration.


Provides for three laptops so that each student has access.


Provides cabinets, desks, and tables for the new Community Learning Center and Library.