Your contribution helps to enhance, grow, and sustain REAP’s efforts.


Checks can be mailed to REAP, P.O. Box 351, Katonah, NY 10536


Provides a meal to one school student each year.


Brings new books to a classroom.


Sponsors a year of primary school for a child .


Sponsors one year of boarding school.


Provides for garden supplies for the model farm.


Provides AV equipment for technology integration across subject areas.


Provides for three laptops so that each student has access.


Provides furniture for the Community Learning Center and Library.


Provides a stove and utensils for the kitchen.


Sponsors all three years of a student’s boarding school experience.

Internet Needs

Year 1: $2,651

  • Internet installation fee ($57)

  • Router for Internet access ($194)

  • Internet access ($2,400)

Year 2: $2,400

  • Internet access