Fabulous Senior 6 National Exam results at Duha School!

Upon completion of secondary school in Rwandan public schools, students are expected to take a national examination. Students must pass the national exam to receive their high school diploma. Those students who score high enough may very well earn university scholarships, distributed by the government.

At Duha, students may take the test in 2 major subjects: HEG (History, Economics and Geography) or EKK (English, Kinyarwanda and Kiswahili). Last year, Duha’s pass rate was 100% in HEG and 85.7% in EKK.

These astounding outcomes were a direct result of extensive learning enhancement programs that students have been immersed in since primary grades. These programs include classroom reading sessions, Saturday learning enrichment initiatives and improved library services that enhance reading and research, just to name a few.

We are very proud of the incredible drive our students display. REAP works hard to match that effort and facilitate lifelong learning for these impressive scholars.