Duha Cow Farm welcomes a newborn Calf!

During the night of December 1, 2014, our 6 year old mother cow named Indinganire gave birth to a new female calf. The new black and white Friesian cow is now resting comfortably with her mother in the corner of our enclosure. Both newborn and mother are receiving appropriate food enrichment to increase milk yield.

As nursery classes will reconvene in January, this birth comes at an especially opportune moment, that we might provide a sufficient amount of fresh milk for our preschoolers to mix with their daily porridge. More milk, leads to better nutrition; better nutrition leads to increased energy and cognitive aptitude.

Excited to provide an opportunity for increased learning potential, the Duha School and its surrounding community are also encouraged by the fact that the farm seems to be expanding towards self-reliance. While primarily focused on nursery students, this project also looks to highlight the change that can be achieved through community-led grassroots efforts. Truly remarkable!