Mandela, a REAP alumnus is employed by a leading Mining Company in Rwanda!

Since 2010, REAP has offered 17 high school scholarships to brilliant yet vulnerable students who pass P6 or S3 national exams and can’t afford pursuing their education. Mandela is one of the scholarships students who, with REAP’s sponsorship, has successfully graduated from high school and used his schooling to capitalize on job opportunities.                                                                                                       

Mandela is now employed as a chef at Piran Resources Rwanda, one of the leading Mining Companies in Rwanda. During an interview with our staff, Lunnie, Piran’s manager said that Mandela beat out 3 outstanding and highly qualified candidates in a competitive job application process. He also commended Mandela as their most disciplined and hard working employee. Mandela’s proficiency with English has ensured his steady rise in the company to where he now has opportunities to train other cooks and take on more of the daily managerial responsibilities.

REAP scholarships provide immediate and future benefits to their lucky recipients. Keep making us proud Mandela, we will continue to make you proud!