Thanks to REAP’s impact Duha was selected to host the launching of the “Hygiene and Cleanliness” event!

On January 28, Duha School hosted the commencement ceremony for the Gira Isuku mwana “Child, Keep Yourself and Your World Clean” Campaign. Numerous government officials attended the event, including members of parliament, the Executive Secretary of the Eastern Province (on behalf of the governor), the mayor of Rwamagana and various district officials. All of the public school principals in Rwamagana district were also present.

The campaign, a nationwide effort, aims at promoting hygiene and cleanliness in schools and communities to prevent diseases and facilitate learning. Because of REAP’s achievements, Duha was selected as a flagship school for the campaign in the Rwamagana District.

When asked about their selection, the Rwamagana District mayor replied, “We chose Duha because of the incredible achievements REAP has realized there”. In her speech, the mayor once again honored REAP for its various accomplishments at the Duha School, namely promoting quality, student-centric learning.

After a round of applause, Rene, a student at Duha, followed the mayor with a rousing speech of his own: “We are very thankful for REAP’s great support, including but not limited to the creation of a cow farm that provides daily milk to nursery students, the construction of the Community Center, and the implementation of various girls’ programs. All play a substantial role in developing the quality of learning here at Duha”.

Overall, about 1,000 parents and Musha community members attended this inaugural event that underscored REAP’s pioneering efforts in health, well-being and learning.