REAP joins the Rwanda Education NGOs Coordination Platform

RENCP (Rwanda Education NGOs Coordination Platform) is an organization that is charged with serving as a body for NGO representation, information sharing and coordination within Rwanda’s educational sector. The group is now made up of 60+ member organizations, which collaborate with the Ministry of Education and it’s various affiliated institutions to ensure a more quality and locally responsive educational service for the people of Rwanda.

As of October 21, 2014, REAP officially became a member of this esteemed organization. As a new member, REAP was invited to participate in the LARS Meeting (Learning Achievements in Rwandan Schools) held at the headquarters of Rwanda Education Board last Thursday. The meeting gave us an opportunity to share a number of our accomplishments at Duha with our fellow partners in the Rwandan educational sector. Those successes included the creation of a fully functioning library, the establishment of reading programs and enriched language activities on weekends for students and teachers alike, and the launch of teacher-led reading contests, in which students compete for prizes. Our partners at the RENCP were impressed with our interventions and vowed to utilized some of the lessons we had learned at Duha in an attempt to strengthen the reading culture in rural, public schools.

As a result of this year’s LARS Meeting, a report and recommendations will be published to the Rwanda Education Board. This will help improve education policies and set new strategies for better quality learning in Rwandan schools. It is REAP’s hope that our new membership in the RENCP will help facilitate learning and collaboration among our partners and ultimately, continued successes in the classrooms throughout Rwanda.