REAP and Girl Guides Rwanda: Supporting Female Leadership and Empowering Girls in Musha!

With the aim to continuously foster the empowerment of women, REAP has formalized a collaborative relationship with Rwanda’s Association of Girl Guides (AGR).

AGR is an international nonprofit working to enable girls, and young women, to acquire skills leading to their development and autonomy and to become agents of positive change as responsible citizens. As part of the collaboration, AGR uses REAP’s Community Learning Center and Library to conduct a ten month training for fifty young girls, ages 6 to 18—all hailing from Musha. This training has been designed to equip the young Rwandans with leadership skills, life skills, and tools for social as well as civic engagement. In the course of the training, the girls are expected to conduct practical projects in the community to showcase their skills and leadership.

On Wednesdays, the Girl Guides’ weekly meeting and activities are lead by REAP staff members.