REAP's Spring Gala an unprecedented success!

On Saturday, May 2nd, REAP, along with the help of supporters and volunteers, put on the Annual REAP Charity Gala at Harvey School in Katonah. As attendees ate and drank into the night, we were able to regale with stories of the children REAP helps in Rwanda and the better future we envision for all of us. In addition to our program, guests also got to bid on a collection of exciting auction items including, dinner for 2 with famed author and New Yorker journalist Philip Gourevitch and a warm vacation condo in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, just to name a few! Stomachs full, and loot secured, attendees were fortunate enough to wind down the evening with an enchanting musical performance from Lisa Lipkin and Jay Hitt.

Every year, we are incredibly excited to let you into our world at Duha. The obstacles are many and the needs are great, and yet attendees were introduced to two students, who with REAP’s help, are facing the challenges head on. Both Fidele and Solange have fallen victim to the regrettable trend of high school dropout in Rwanda and yet both, through REAP’s efforts, have returned to school to continue their pursuits and ultimately have found a family in the community at Duha. Both exemplify the hope and opportunity that stem from a quality education. Fortunately, REAP’s school-wide campaign to prevent dropouts is having a substantial effect on the entire student body at Duha. Please check out the stories of Fidele and Solange below!

Much like Duha, REAP has a family of advocates and supporters here in the United States that show up in numbers every year for our events. Our work is impossible without the unmitigated effort and devotion you all share for the cause. To those that donated their time or money, we thank you for the unprecedented success that was this spring’s gala! Enjoy our slideshow below from this year's celebration!