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We seek to improve the quality of learning in rural Rwanda through an innovative model of education that meets the needs of and is beneficial to the surrounding region. To do this, we rely s on donations from generous supporters like you.

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A Head Start for a Primary School Child

The children pictured are typical of children who participate in REAP. They live in small structures with dirt floors and no electricity and typically share a bed with a sibling. Breakfast or lunch for them is rare; sometimes, they may have a small evening meal. They walk miles for a half day of school and then return home to help their parents work in the field or care for younger siblings. There is little time for play or for being a child.

Centia Mutesii.JPG

Centia is 9-years-old and lives with her father and her stepmother. She is not cared for at home and is often mistreated. Centia's mother abandoned her when she was just two, and she misses her terribly. Her difficult home life has made Centia an anxious child and she is often quite sad. School is a welcome distraction for her and a place where she feels safe.

Ganza Ntwari  Kenny.JPG

Kenny is 8-years-old. His father is in prison and his mother abandoned him, so he lives with his uncle. Kenny is very curious in school and asks a lot of questions of his teachers and classmates. Even at his early age he shows a deep sensitivity and caring for others.


Cherina is 11-years-old. She lives with her father and four siblings. Her mother passed away two years ago, which has been difficult for her. Her father grows some crops on their small plot of land e to provide for the family, but far too often there is still not enough food for all. Throughout her daily struggles, Cherina remains hopeful and is helpful to everyone.

Esther Irankunda1.JPG

Esther is 9-years-old. She lives with her mother and father. She often stays with her grandmother because her mother is disabled. Some days her family will pick only enough for one small meal from the family garden. Esther enjoys reading, is extremely curious, and loves learning in school.

Peace Uwiduhaye.JPG

Peace is 12-years-old and lives in a small hut that is in constant danger of collapsing. She sleeps with her younger sister and watches over her. They are fortunate if they can obtain one meal a day from their small family plot. Yet, despite her circumstances, Peace is a sweet and kind girl who always graces the world with her smile.


Leatitia is 13 years-old. She lives with both her parents and four siblings. Her parents cultivate their own small land in order to provide food for the family. Her mother suffers from a severe medical condition, but the family is too poor to afford a doctor. Despite her fear of her mother's health,  Laetitia puts up a brave front and tries to smile for everyone.

Further a High School Student’s Education

Students who pass the national exam become eligible to attend a boarding school, or called “schools of excellence.” They provide students with opportunities for higher education and provide them with the skills to enter the workforce. But the cost for poor families is prohibitive: $500 per year for three years! Contributions from donors allow REAP to give students scholarships so they can continue on the path of academic and career achievement.


Yvette has five siblings and on weekends helps her mother work on farms to bring in food for the family. Her father died last year, and things are extremely difficult for the entire family. Despite all her hardships, Yvette is an exemplary student at school and dreams of going to university and getting a job in the government.

Emerance .jpg

Emerance lives with her parents and six siblings, and enjoys playing football. She walks a long way to and from school, and does chores at home that leave her little time to study. Despite her difficult conditions, she hopes to go to a boarding school and one day become a journalist. 

Alice two.JPG

Alice is a grade 10 student at Duha. She lives with her mom and three siblings; her father died when she was still very young. Alice and her family often eat only once a day. She is an avid reader and finds comfort in books. Her dream is to further her education and to become a police officer one day. 


Marine studies social sciences in grade 10 at Duha. She lives with her parents and seven siblings. Marine begins her day by walking four miles to school on an empty stomach, and returns home in the evening. She is so tired at that point that studying is very difficult. However, she never gives up on school. Her dream is to one day go to university and develop a business in mechanics.

Martha one-1.jpg

Martha studies languages in grade 10 at Duha. She lives with her parents and four siblings. Martha spends the whole day at school without eating anything and has trouble concentrating because of her hunger. Despite her hardships, she hopes for a better life. Her dream is to go to university and to one day become a journalist.

Gad Nsengiyumva.JPG

Gad lives with his two parents and four siblings in a small house with two rooms, a dirt floor and a decaying roof. He usually eats only one meal a day and has to walk very far to school. Despite these difficult circumstances, he works hard and excels in class. His dream is to go to boarding school and become a broadcast journalist.