Duha Early Childhood Development Center on the Move

Duha ECD center is making progressive strides towards becoming a model ECD Center for Rwamagana District.  In our effort to promote the quality of learning, the class size has been reduced from 48 to 28 students in each classroom, which now allows teachers to address students’ individual learning needs. 

Elisaphane, REAP’s Early Childhood Educator, planned and coordinated the introduction of learning corners: Book corner, Numeracy corner, Language and Literacy, Arts and Crafts, Role play, Dress up corner and Construction corner. He also regularly trains teachers on how to better deliver the new competence-based curriculum

Students are no longer tied to direct teaching for many hours. Instead, they are now learning experientially through learning corners that develop thinking skills, psychomotor skills, language and literacy skills, and social skills. This improved learning environment keeps students engaged, concentrated, and focused. 

Duha is now exploring partnerships with the current with the Rwamagana District model ECD center, Teach Rwanda ECDs and other ECDs in the region to share practices, learn from one another and accelerate progress.